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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Will AMC's MoviePass Service be a Boon for 3D Movies?

AMC launched their Stubs A-List service last week, where for $19.99 you can see three movies a week.  Not as nice as MoviePass's movie a day deal for $9.95, BUT the AMC service let's you see 3D and IMAX movies as part of the deal (IMAX 3D too)!  While there is some debate on whether or not this is going to kill MoviePass (my personal opinion: don't count on it), I had another thought: will this make 3D movies more popular at the big theater chain?  I give my thoughts in a video editorial below:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

IMAX Sells Pixar Fans 'Incredible' 3D Experience for "Incredibles II" (Then Cancels it)

Well...I knew something would pull me out of retirement and back to this blog.  Turns out, it would be IMAX doing a total bait-and-switch for the upcoming "Incredibles II," another sequel in Pixar's continuing quest to franchise all of their original creations ("A Bug's Life" is the only pre-Disney owned era film to avoid this fate).  Unlike most of their recent outputs though, people actually wanted a sequel to "The Incredibles," and the fact that original Oscar-winning writer/director Brad Bird ("Ratatouille," "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol") is back at the helm makes it one of the studios more anticipated films.  Also being one of the films best theater experiences (one that I saw three times in theaters upon the initial release) meant that when IMAX struck a deal to project it, they decided to go big with it!

The theater trailer was shown months ago in full-blown 3D!  As we got closer to the release date, IMAX went all out by advertising an "Incredibles Double Feature" for not just the opening day, but TWO full days before the sequel comes out!  With that event means the first movie will be shown in IMAX for the first time.  Anticipation only got higher as IMAX promised free goodies at the event.  Fan events have been highly anticipated as it makes fans feel like they are getting their own version of a world-wide premier.  To my knowledge, this is one of the first major fan events I've seen for an animated film, giving you an idea as to how anticipated the release it.  That is a big deal, and IMAX continued to push it as such.  That's why when the full trailer came out, IMAX projected it fully in 3D.  This was a big deal because modern 3D movie trailers aren't shown in the format unless it was filmed with the format in mind during early stages  This is because it doesn't make a lot of sense to upconvert trailer footage, because that same footage would have to be re-upconverted again at a later date.

The fact that ALL the "Incredibles II" trailers are being shown in fully 3D states shows that the 3D is not only integral to the movie, it was MADE to be shown in 3D from the ground up!  And really, a computer animated superhero movie is the very thing you would expect to build a 3D experience around.  Because I was with family members when I saw "Avengers: Infinity War" in IMAX 3D a second time, I ended up sticking around for the previews and loved every second of the trailer for "Incredibles II."  It was a reminder that animation was woefully underused in the IMAX format, and it was nice to see the company embracing it again after they (incorrectly) assumed that no one wanted to see these types of movies in the format.  However (and you know this was coming if I'm writing about this) it appears that all of these previews, all of these promises, and all of these claims of a great IMAX 3D experience were all false advertising because NONE of the "Incredibles II" listings I've seen ANYWHERE are showing the movie in 3D!

That is so disappointing I knew I had to come back to this blog and vent my anger like the Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons" does.

This is wrong on two levels.  First of all, this is EXTREMELY dishonest!  I mean, extremely so.  By advertising this as a full blown IMAX 3D experience in all your trailers, posters, and advertisements, only to do a 2D only release is one of the worst kinds of false advertising I've seen.  It is a classic bait-and-switch if ever I've seen.  On the other hand, IMAX is not doing themselves (or their shareholders) any favors by denying the public of the 3D version as it looks like the kind of immersive experience that only IMAX can offer.  By stripping of the 3D the theater chain has purposefully gimped the experience, and I suspect people who see it on a standard 3D screen are going to walk away much, much happier.  On a third note, since this IS the premier of the first 'Incredibles' in IMAX, it would be a perfect time to premier a new 3D version that was exclusive to IMAX theaters, and would certainly drive ticket sales to see the classic movie in "a whole new way."  IMAX has screwed EVERYONE with this release!

And, look, I'm not saying there should be no 2D showings.  While I would prefer IMAX deal exclusively in 3D for certain movies, having some showtimes be 2D and some be 3D seems to have worked very well for several major movies.  But just like they were cutting out a certain audience when they were only doing 3D movies, so to are they cutting out certain audience members when they only show 2D.  IMAX claims that this is the direction their shareholders want them to go.  Well, as an IMAX shareholder myself, I would like to throw in my own opinion on the direction the company is going with 2D only releases: This plan sucks and they need to rethink it as soon as possible.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Top 10 Best BluRay 3D Movies to Own

I've been asked this question a lot and now...I made a video on it?

Yeah, sorry guys, but I've got a love/hate relationship with blogging right now.  I want to write, but it's not as much fun as it used to be.  I'm sure this is temporary (as I've lost interest before), but the dry spell has been elevated since my YouTube channels started taking off, and now I am doing more filming and editing as a result.  To keep the site alive, I will be discussing 3D topics on one of the channels, and I will share those videos here.  There is at least one editorial I am halfway through finishing, and I hope to complete it for publication on Monday or Tuesday (no promises though).  In the meantime, enjoy the video!

Can you believe I'm getting paid for this?

Saturday, March 24, 2018

"Pacific Rim: Uprising" Is (Almost) Playing Exclusively in IMAX 3D

Though the realization has been slow, it appears that IMAX is starting to come to terms with the fact that that their 3D showings are not only NOT the reason for declining ticket sales, but is actually an asset of theirs!  After almost completely ignoring it for "Black Panther," "A Wrinkle in Time," and "Tomb Raider" (the latter of which I only found playing in Mexico for some reason), 3D is back with a vengeance in IMAX.  Granted, it's not a complete return.  There are still a healthy amount of 2D showings, but what is promising is that 3D makes up the majority of the show times.  Heck, at the Universal Citywalk and Esquire IMAX have NO 2D showings at all (which is a nice change considering 3D really shines on those screens)!  I'm not saying 3D will completely take over again as I do believe there is a good number of people who want IMAX 2D presentations, but I think the company is having a hard time justifying 2D only screens when 3D fans are their most dedicated paying customers.

Not that "Tomb Raider" and "A Wrinkle in Time" were huge hits or anything, but how frustrating was it for them to realize most of their fans passed on seeing those movies in IMAX because they wanted to see them in 3D?  I mean, RPX and XD are nowhere near as big, but since they had 3D versions...well, that's better than nothing right?  If the movie is going to be in 2D, I think most would rather use their MoviePass and see it on a standard screen (then they aren't paying anything).  What's more, the official website confirms that "Ready Player One" and "Avengers: Infinity War" ARE going to have 3D showings in IMAX (the latter is sort of required though, being the first Hollywood movie in history to be fully filmed with IMAX 3D cameras)!  I'm seeing "Pacific Rim: Pacific" in IMAX 3D today.  I'm very grateful because while the first movie wasn't great per se, it was an excellent theater experience, and the excellent IMAX 3D format was a major reason for that.

Hopefully I'll get something similar here.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

"Justice League" on BluRay 3D: The Way it SHOULD Have Been in Theaters!

I picked up "Justice League" on BluRay 3D a couple days ago.  This isn't a movie I really wanted to own in 3D.  Not only is the movie pretty terrible regardless how much you like the characters, but I saw the movie in 3D on a Cinemark XD screen and was pretty unimpressed with what I saw.  The 3D was inconsistent, mostly flat, and rarely engaging.  It was probably inevitable that this wasn't going to be a great (or even good) 3D experience.  The movies long and troubled history resulted in the film having two directors, with two completely different styles and shooting methods.  It was one of the few times when director Joss Whedon (NOT Zach Snyder) was so unimpressed with the 3D conversion of the film as a whole, that he asked IMAX not to bother showing it in three dimensions.

So, coupled with the fact that the movie wasn't enjoyable, I was surprised to find myself buying the BluRay 3D.  I find myself doing that for a lot of movies I don't care for though, just to throw the format a few bucks (and to complete the DC Extended Universe collection...whatever that's worth at this point).  When I got home I ultimately did end up watching the movie again, and ten minutes in I was stunned and shocked: This was a COMPLTELY different 3D conversion of the film!  What's more, this is what should have been presented in theaters, and (more specifically) the kind of visual experience that would have been right at home in IMAX 3D.  This new 3D conversion is so much better, that it results in a movie that is almost completely different as far as visuals are concerned.  The dialog scenes actually have field depth that makes the images immersive.  The action sequences pop in a way they just didn't in theaters.  The IMAX aspect ratio is kept, giving the picture an epic scope.

Why on Earth wasn't this the version show in theaters?

Look, I know this doesn't make the movie any better, but it does goes to show that if the film had been delayed a little bit, Warner Bros. would have had an excellent 3D theater experience on their hands.  Heck, had they delayed it they might have also had a better movie, but I'll let other videos and articles debate that one.  In the meantime, Warner did good by going back and completely redoing the 3D conversion so that it was actually watchable at home.  They didn't need to do it.  They certainly knew they weren't going to ship a lot of copies.  But they did right by their consumers, and that is easily one of the best things I can report on this site in a long time.  Oh, also, it appears Best Buy and Target are taking the high demand for the 3D disks more seriously this time around, as there were MANY copies of the BluRay 3D on store shelves, so hopefully fans will actually have the chance to buy it this time!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

IMAX Screws 3D Fans with Release of "A Wrinkle in Time"

It looks like IMAX is not only doubling down on their belief that people don't want to see 3D movies, they are doubling down HARD!  Despite all the advertisements for Disney's upcoming "A Wrinkle in Time" promoting the new family adventure as a 3D experience, IMAX is projecting almost all of their showings in 2D.  What's more, the movie itself is largely going to be 2D only at many theaters, in one of the biggest 3D purges I've seen the format receive yet.  There are so few 3D showings in California, that I first assumed that the release had been cancelled altogether, until I noticed the few random late night 3D screenings at a couple of Cinemarks.  Because of this it should be noted that IMAX is not the only theater who seems to be taking a hard stance against the 3D showings of "A Wrinkle in Time," but I will focus on IMAX because they are still in a perfect position to prove that the format is still viable.

This whole mess started with their belief that people didn't want to see 3D movies anymore, and that they would start showing less of them.  "Blade Runner 2049" was their first experiment with not showing 3D at all.  The experiment did not result in more tickets being sold, and thus 3D screenings returned in limited form with "Thor: Ragnorok."  When "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" became a smashing hit in 3D, I was hoping we could put this silly notion that 2D only screenings were the way of the future, and that movies that people wanted to see would ultimately sell tickets.  But IMAX decided to push their agenda even father and with more passion with "Black Panther," where there were scant few IMAX 3D screenings to be found (and I had to compromise by seeing it on a less-than-ideal screen size).  While the movie wasn't hurt at the box office with the lack of 3D releases, it's not like the 3D screenings were vacant by any means.

They were mostly filled with people who wanted to see the movie, and many of the standard 3D showings were also filled in the first two weeks of the films release.  Now with "A Wrinkle in Time" though IMAX is pushing harder than ever to show that their method is going to work.  As of this writing there are actually no IMAX 3D screenings of the movie anywhere in California that I can find, and I had to search several states in to find theaters that would show it even once a day.  Since the 2D and 3D can be switched very easily on these projectors, I don't understand why IMAX doesn't at least give viewers the option of which version they would like to see.  Maybe the 3D version can be exclusive to the opening week, and further screenings could be in 2D?  But then, when people went to IMAX they rarely complain when the movies are in 3D, and most seem disappointed when the movie isn't in 3D because they expect it at this point.

Since "A Wrinkle in Time" has been described as being a visual powerhouse where the 3D was very much a focus of the filming process, why gimp the picture with 2D?  People have sent me tweets asking what they should do since they want to see the movie in IMAX, but they also want to see it in 3D.  And I have to tell them quite bluntly that this is a situation where you will most likely have to choose which you'd prefer: IMAX or 3D.  In some rare cases you can have both, but whether those options will be real IMAX screens is another matter altogether.  Personally I think places like the Esquire IMAX, the TLC IMAX, and the Spectrum IMAX should be showing the movie in 3D, as those are the biggest screens, thus the 3D works best there.  But hey, if they are going to play this game, I guess I'll go to one of those late night showings at Cinemark, and hope IMAX wakes up and realizes that if they want to sell more tickets, they have to have better movies (which there is some debate whether this one is).

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Midnight's Edge Discusses Lack of 3D Release for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

Midnight's Edge and The Digital Bits have uploaded a new video discussing "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."  In the video they discuss the film, their thoughts on it, the highly anticipated UltraHD release (AKA: 4K), and they express their frustration about the lack of a domestic 3D release.  It might not give us any clue as to why Disney completely passed over the 3D here in the states, but there is some speculation, and it's nice to know there's more people out there (other than me) who cares about this big problem with home media.